Thursday, February 10, 2011

Madam Winter Wants to Hang On Until the Bitter End

Window Symphony

It truly is amazing what nature will do with the earthly toys at her disposal.  Above was the scene out of the bedroom window this morning.  I read the temperature at roughly minus-10-degrees. Yet I couldn't help but be somewhat transfixed by the symphony, the confluence of the elements above.  In my simple ragged window an intricate dance of atoms and elements was formed.  Each ice crystal, each mesmerizing pattern I discovered, reminded me of a music note, or a player playing the note. And in my head I heard a violin, then maybe a tinkling of keys on a baby grand piano.  And those elements I spied began to dance and dance with joy.  And the music that was played began to lift and lift and the crystals began to sing and spring to life.  And quietly at the sidelines, the twig took care--the frosty conductor stood respectfully toward the sun.  The conductor commanded cellos, soft guitar, sweet smells of the wood beyond.  And each element began and began and began to find common patterns, common patterns under the musical direction, the only direction, of love.

Oppositions and Relinquishments

Sylphs and Cherubim

Tiny Dragons

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