Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Our beloved Roan.  Two-years-old, smart as a whip, and always up for a game of fetch.  In fact, she would rather do this more than anything, as any labrador worth their salt would.  You can't see her big brother Riley in this picture because she has left him in the dust, or to be more factual, in the snow, perhaps even stuck in a snow drift.  Riley used to be the star player in this backyard, spinning in the air with actual "hang time" to catch a fly ball.  But he is nine now and has earned his time to play second fiddle.  Although if he had it his way, he would show Roan how it's properly done.  Despite their friendly competition, they are best buddies.  They sleep on each other, wrestle on the bed and just happily keep each other quiet company.  Roan has become a gift to us as Riley has been all these years.  

Riley is so tired from playing with Roan, he is fading into the bed.

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