Saturday, December 11, 2010

Red Night

We have had a crap load of snow here in Minneapolis.  According to the news, 17.2 inches.  It's really a lovely snow, the definition of powder.  Doesn't necessarily feel like powder after shoveling it for three hours.  The shoveling was complicated with the exponentially decreasing amount of places to put the snow.  Shoveling and hefting snow is one thing.  Shoveling and having to walk 6 feet or so and then having to heft the snow over an 8-foot-fence is another.  It's still early enough in the season that I'm almost happy to do some shoveling, "some" being the operative word.  I'm still relishing in that superior-than-though feeling I'm having towards the big neighborhood guys blowing their snow with man-tools.  Will I be feeling this way in March?  I doubt it.  I may not even be feeling this way come tomorrow afternoon.  But tonight I am satisfied with my Norse-heritage appreciation for braving through harsh conditions that would reduce the faint-hearted and the southerners to tears.  Yes, I am feeling superior to many. I am made of lutefisk, lefse, and goose down.  Tomorrow the wind chill is supposed to get down to -30.  Am I daunted?  Hardly.  We may just have a weiner roast to celebrate.  We are Minnesotans.  And we are mighty.

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  1. Beautiful picture. Bravo with the actual post, really enjoyed reading this!