Monday, January 3, 2011

Riley Is Home and Doing So Well!!!

Riley was doing so well at the University of Minnesota that he got to come home today!  I was walking down the paw-printed hallway of the U with his wonderful vet, Heidi, and there he came zooming around the corner (with support in the way of a sling under his pelvis), his back legs moving like gangbusters.  What a happy thing to see him improving so amazingly every day!  He will need walking support for awhile, but considering how he's making such great strides, I don't imagine he will need it for long.  His health and bodily functions are normal in every other way, which is great news.  And I have a feeling he's going to be a handful for me until he's fully recovered.  He loves to go outside, which means I follow him around with a towel underneath his hips for back leg support.  It also means I stand around while he scratches at the snow, sniffing at whatever interests him, and stand around while he just enjoys standing around.  And I'm so happy to do it.  I'm just glad it's a bit warmer here in MN.  Our other dogs are giving him his space and being gentle with him.  So all is good and happy with us.  Thank god for the expertise and kindness of those at the U of M.  And a special shout out goes to Heidi, who has been an angel to us throughout this ordeal.  Lastly, a prayer for the Great Dane pup who wasn't doing very well, and a prayer for all the animals in need.


  1. Yeah baby!! He says, "Somebody stop me!"

  2. Welcome home Riley. give him a nice butt scratch for me!